Guest Players


Pete Christlieb

Phil Feather

Brian Friedman

Terry Landry

Steve Marsh

Vince Suzuki


Curtis Brengle

Bill Fulton

Bevan Manson

Alan Steinberger


Anne King

Stan Martin

Mike Mc Guffey

Roy Wiegand III

Larry Williams


Ben Cassorla

Ron Hershewe

Ken Lasaine

Yarone Levy

Doug Mac Donald

Ken Rosser

Andrew Synowiec


Kevin Bradley

Andrew Lippman

Dave Wells

Scott Whitfield


Adam Cohen

Mike Flick

Gary Pratt

Bob Saravia


David Anderson

Kendall Kay

Dave Marks

Steve Pemberton

Yesterday’s Child

Our third album is well into the planning stage. It will be called… “Yesterday’s Child”…and will contain some beloved performance favorites…the infamous “Zim” (written in 13/4) and some adventurous new Monk/Magruder material translated by Phil Moore and our newest member, Geoff Stradling. Larry Wilmon Williams will be creating the arrangement for the title tune by John Magruder. Look for it in fall 2011.